Remodel Joy

So We Bought a Trailer..










So this happened.

This very old, adorable, rusty trailer is ours! Proud owners, for sure. The caption that should really be blasted on these photos is: “Hello, marriage exercises!” Because there is no doubt in my mind, that remodeling it will challenge, test, and strengthen our communication skills, forgiveness level, and grace for each other. I’m cracking up just picturing the “fun” Kyle and I will have along the journey of remodeling this trailer. But really, we will have a blast!

Let’s get this out of the way…. the trailer’s name is Joy. That feels better; I can stop calling her “the trailer.” The theme and word for our marriage as we entered into 2015 has been Joy. An attribute we strongly desire to keep at the forefront of our marriage, companionship, and friendship.

Maybe you’re asking, “What’s the plan? Tell me already!” We have a couple ideas up our sleeves.  We think it would be really rad to do a book tour (where and how long that looks like, we don’t know.) And of course we are going to travel in it throughout our life, focusing and enhancing our marriage, growing closer to God through the people, nature, and experiences we cross paths with,   Nothing is for sure, but we thought we’d start documenting the journey of Joy.