Remodel Joy

Waiting for Paint to Dry




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I’ve decided painting isn’t for me, unless it’s on a small canvas, but not vintage trailer. This job is for patient people. That’s Kyle strength. Waiting for paint to dry, it doesn’t get better than that!

Finally, we’ve made some visual progress and we feel like we have made a difference! Joy was looking so cute with her fresh coat and Ocean Blue stripe! Kyle actually picked out the color himself! I was out of town shooting a wedding so he texted me some colors that were in our color wheel  and we made the decision over text.

After hours of prepping the surface, we poured the primer into the clean spray gun and began. After we slowly went over the whole thing, it started to run. RUN! We literally waited for paint to dry, so we could sand out the uneven surface and try again. It’s not perfect but it will still drive the same. It will still camp the same. The future destination spots, Yosemite, Maine, and New Orleans won’t care. We can’t wait for the adventure to begin! It’s kinda like waiting for paint to dry…

Woohoo for Ocean Blue!