Remodel Joy

Whistle While We Work


Wow, has it been a whirlwind or what?! The past three months have been full of pretty much remodeling every aspect of JOY. She had a lot more water damage than expected and we felt that it was best to rip out everything. So we did. EVERYTHING.
We are incredibly blessed to have a huge indoor space to work on JOY. Kyle’s uncle and aunt, Dee and Theresa, are graciously letting us work in their shop and use their tools. With the crazy weather it would have been nearly impossible and would have taken forever to get JOY into shape if it wasn’t for the shop. Pretty much 3 out of 4 of our weekends are spent working. Every day of work is a day closer to a road trip we can’t wait to embark on!

A lot of the work so far hasn’t been incredibly rewarding because there aren’t big visual changes. So it’s hard to keep in mind that we are making progress. But last weekend we painted! Now, we feel like we are getting somewhere. It was just the boost we needed to jump into full throttle and work work work.

In super duper simple terms it’s been like this:

Phase 1: tearing out the easy stuff (location: our house)

Phase 2: tearing out every single thing, and taking anything exterior off/ securing the siding (location from here on out: family’s shop, one hour away from us)

Phase 3: re-building the interior frame and insulation

Phase 4: paint job

What we are about to jump into:

Phase 5: Cupboards and furniture

Phase 6: Aesthetics

We want to say a huge thank you to Dee and Theresa for letting us practically live at their house on the weekends, and for letting us use their space and tools. We’d also like to thank Kyle’s dad, Rick, for his time and hard work!