The Trip

Our Furry Companions

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So, unlike anything you’ve ever seen, we will be traveling with….our cats! I mean look at them! We couldn’t leave them, plus what if they forgot us? I can’t bear the thought.

Our furry companions are like family. If you have cats, you know all their quarks, which we humans think only our cats have. But, lets be honest, cats have hilarious unique personalities but their quarks are all the same.

Let me introduce you, the husky looking, green eyed cutie is Malibu. He is my Craigslist cat. I got him for free my first summer of living in Oklahoma. I strongly disliked living by myself, I needed something with a heart beat to fill my studio apartment, and the fish was not cutting it. Malibu is 3 1/2, likes to go for drives, loves greeting people by the door, and is adorable.

The Siamese mix, is our little princess, Tully (short for Tulsa). Kyle and I rescued her from a friends neighborhood our second year of marriage shortly after moving from Norman, OK to Tulsa, OK. She is shy, playful, and likes to sleep under the sheets.

There you go, these are our furry companions for JOYWARD!