Joyward Update #1

January 5th, 2016 we officially set out to live on the road for four months. Just a couple humans, a couple cats, and a vintage 60’s trailer. Oh and did we mention, in the most brutal time of year? WINTER. It’s only been 5 days and already we’ve waked up to ice-covered prairies, been detoured by a heavy snowstorm and purchased an extra heater. So, it has been quite the voyage thus far. Which means we are learning a lot.

We are reminding ourselves that this is still all new for us, and we will get into a groove. We’re figuring out our jobs as we set up and tear down the trailer, what cooking and grocery shopping looks like, and how to keep organized. The cats have it easy; they are there to keep us warm.


Our favorite part about road trip living so far:

Kyle: The incredible panoramas that we have seen of wide open spaces and mountain ranges.

Ceci: The charming small towns, and having some quality time with friends!

The hardest part about trailer living so far:

Kyle: Seeing Joy (the trailer) get painted black with dirt and ice from the highway.


Ceci: The floor in the trailer is always wet, at least so far since all we’ve encountered is snow.


Where we’ve been so far:


Our first stop was in Oklahoma City where we stayed with our dear friends Ben and Ashlyn. Ben took some pictures of us and our trailer, which we can’t wait to share!

CCF_9296 (1 of 1)

In Oklahoma City we got to have breakfast with our friend Halie, and our other friends Stan and Molly.


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Every visit was so refreshing! It was all a perfect way to start off Joyward. After leaving OKC we headed for the OK panhandle and parked our home in the Rita Blanca National Grasslands. We woke the next morning to find an endless sea of ice covering the grasslands.

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After deicing the truck and trailer we set out for the Great Sand Dunes but just as we crossed the Raton Pass into Colorado we were hit with a heavy snow storm and were forced to stay the night in Trinidad, CO. Which turned out to be a beautiful detour.

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Then we headed into the mountains and camped along the Arkansas River just outside of Salida, CO.

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It was a quick trip, because we were headed to Colorado Springs for two nights and saw our friends Blake, Shelby, and Amanda. While there, we visited the Garden of the God’s, which were larger than life!

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Now we are staying in Aurora with some family for the week! Last night we visited a friends small group where Ceci was able to share her book!

What’s next:

This weekend we are heading to Gillette, Wyoming!


We want to say thank you again to our friends and family for the support and gifts! Every time we use something that one of you gave us, our hearts are filled with appreciation and thankfulness for all the awesome people we know!

One of the fun things we will be sharing with you guys along the way are interviews we are doing with some incredible married couples around the country. Be looking out for our first interview coming soon!