Remodel Joy

Joy’s Reveal!

We found Joy on Craigslist, much like everything we own, and it was love at first sight. She was obviously rusty and needed a lot of love but she had a lot of potential. At first we thought we would repaint some things, maybe rebuild the bed, and then paint the outside. As we started this project we found water damage all around. We had a long demolition road ahead of us. This was no longer a repair, cute and somewhat easy Pinterest project. This was creating a completely new home in a soda can shell. We started in July 2015 and finished the following December.

Literally blood, sweat, and tears were poured into Joy (don’t worry, we wiped it all up because that’s gross). Many weekends were spent rebuilding her, and evenings were spent designing and planning. Basically I never want to go into Lowes again, haha.  To say, “We’ve learned a lot.” would be an understatement. Many times I would ask Kyle, “How do you know how to do that?”. Example: Electricity, plumbing, cabinet building…He would casually reply (like it was no big deal) “I YouTubed it.” or (my personal favorite) “I’ve used a drawer before.” I have too, but I don’t know how to build one! He’s so handy. Along with his skills, Kyle’s dad Rick and uncle Dee helped us with Joy. The new wood door? We have Rick and Dee to thank for that. When Kyle and I quit our jobs half way through December we worked on the trailer non stop for about two weeks. Late nights and early mornings for Joy.

We’ve bonded. All of us. The trailer, Kyle and I. We’ve spent many hours in this tin can figuring out what to do next. So, the moment we’ve been waiting for….BEFORE and AFTER photos! En-joy 😉


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