Meet the...

Meet The Doland’s

Meet the Dolands, Stan and Molly. Where to start? They’re the type of couple that make you want to strive for more and be a better human being. You walk away feeling refreshed, affirmed, and thoroughly listened to. These people care about other people. This is what 47 years of marriage looks like; it’s beautiful and rare.

Stan and Molly are recently “retired” Foursquare Missionaries, but not really retired, which is one of the many things I love about them. They are always adventuring. They are currently living overseas giving tours in Spanish and English for a few months and then returning to the Midwest where they have family.

There were so many wonderful take aways from this wise couple. As we sat in my favorite coffee shop, a charming old home turned into café, we sipped tea and caught up on life. I hadn’t seen them in four years and Kyle hadn’t seen them for over ten years (we know them separately, crazy story). At the last minute I remembered that they were living somewhat near by and so I reached out to them to see if we could meet. I’m so glad we could make it happen because their refreshing personalities were a great way to start JOYWARD.

Stan is a tall man with glasses, usually wearing a nice sweater and crocs. He has a gentle spirit, and is extremely wise (wise in all avenues). Stan is the man.

Molly is an elegant looking woman with beautiful dark hair, and she usually is wearing a scarf of some kind. She is extremely caring and very motherly. She expresses sincerity, and with her eyes you can tell she is genuinely listening.

Here are a few things from our teatime with the Dolands:

  • They are always pursuing what God has in store for them and are totally adventurous. This couple appears to be not afraid of the unknowns. I’m sure they had their times of concern but they jump all in and they’ve lived all over the world. From what I’ve seen and heard they don’t reach a point and say “they’ve arrived.” They’re constantly seeking out what the Lord wants for them. Whether it be babysitting the grandkids to help out their kids and get more quality time in or teaching study abroad students how to cook.
  • Their trust in the Lord is profound. Stan expressed that as you get older it’s humbling and mind blowing to look back at your life and see how God has been there all along. I know that the Dolands don’t say that lightly because they have experienced deep grief and loss. With a gentle grin though, Stan said that he could see how the Lord has provided and guided even when they may not have known what was next or what was going on. And to think we (Kyle and I) only know a taste of that, because of our age, is crazy. I know so far in my life, that I can definitely see God’s vivid protection, provision, and timing and it blows me away.
  • My favorite token of advice: building together/working on things together. Tackle things together. Everything is better together. You’re stronger together. Be a team.