The Trip

Yellowstone Photos

Yellowstone was about three weeks into Joyward, and in the middle of freezing temps. Because it is winter time most of Yellowstone was closed down, but there was still plenty to explore. I had no expectations for Yellowstone, I knew it was popular and pretty and that’s all. As we drove into the park from the north entrance crossing Montana and then into Wyoming buffalo became more and more apparent. We were in for a wildlife treat. Yellowstone has a huge arch at the entrance we came into which made it feel like we were going into an amusement park. We had no idea what was ahead for us.

Our campground was pretty empty, people wise, not animal or snow wise. The wildlife we came across were: bison, coyote, deer, elk, wolf, and fox. This is where we first experienced a natural hot springs, where we spent four hours sitting in a river that was a mixture of 190 degrees and freezing temps. Enough about Yellowstone, check out our last update to hear more about our time there (iceskating, hiking, and cross country skiing).


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