Meet the...

Meet The Pickrels

Regan and Cassandra!

We were so thankful for their hospitality in Gillette, Wyoming, while on the road. We stayed with them for 5 nights and when we arrived it started to snow!

Our time with them reminded us why we love community so much! Friends make a difference! They did a fantastic job convincing us of why we need to be their neighbors, and stay in Gillette. Regan literally asked me “What do I need to do, to convince Kyle to stay? Do I need to take him hunting and fishing? What do I need to do?” Thanks Regan, because you did a really good job but Kyle’s not the one who needs convincing. Guilty, it’s me.

But because I love them so much, I told them I’d pray about it….

Let’s talk about the Pickrels, and our time with them. To set the scene, Regan is the Senior Pastor at Gillette Christian Center and Cassandra is a Paraprofessional at an elementary school. Also, huge detail, Cassandra is pregnant and they will be having a girl! So life is constantly changing for them right now in the season of preparing and pregnancy.

Throughout our time with them, we’d been laughing, agreeing, and reminiscing on the highs and lows of marriage adventures. But the one particular time we really dove into the topic was at a good ole Wyoming BBQ restaurant for dinner. Country music in the background, dark red walls, and antlers hanging all around, we shared what we’ve learned thus far as couples.

These are some topics that stuck with me the most:

  • Finding home in each other
    1. The longer Kyle and I are together, actually the more we learn about each other and grow in communication, grace, and love the more he feels like home to me. When Cassandra expressed that Regan feels like home to her, I about melted. 1- because it was so sincere and sweet 2-because she picked the perfect word “home” to describe how marriage feels after the butterflies and giddiness. I think when your spouse feels at home, you know you’ve worked hard to make your marriage a “safe haven.” It’s after getting to know them, over and over again.
  • Friendship
    1. They are a great example of what being best friends with your spouse means. When you hang out with Regan and Cassandra, you can sense that they value friendship in each other. I asked them what their definition of “friendships” means and they said: someone you can tell anything too and feel accepted, and someone that is rejuvenating; after you spend time with that person, you want to spend more time with them.
  • Filling a void
    1. Cassandra shared with us the importance of not putting expectations on your marriage and spouse to fill a void. Sometimes this happens and continues for awhile before you even realize what is going on. When I asked her how she overcame that she answered, “Well, realizing that my marriage wasn’t going to fill voids, I have started looking to God. I also talk with Regan about my feelings quite a bit (at least when I’m aware of it, so he knows how I’m feeling). Also counseling (which was the first step to help me with not placing ‘filling my void expectation’ on Regan or our marriage) has been a ginormous help for both of us.”


Thank you for your hospitality, friendship, and openness Regan and Cassandra! We are so excited for your new adventure as parents!