Update #3

We’ve been in Socal for four weeks, which means: sunshine, consistent showers, and laundry! Last time we updated you guys we were on the coast of Oregon heading to Portland (loved it). Now, I’m sitting at my dad’s, on a couch (I’ve missed you) with my dad’s new Mini Aussie chewing my blanket. It’s a good thing you’re cute!

Since our last update, we had gotten really overwhelmed by the damage wet weather was doing to Joy. Since it was non-stop rain in Oregon and mostly Washington, we weren’t getting a break and the damage kept piling up. At one point we emptied out our belongings and mattress and stayed in a friends house so that the trailer could air out and the mold could dry out. We bought a tarp in hopes of stopping further damage, and then we bought some styrofoam insulation and covered our rear window thinking that would help condensation. I apologize to anyone in Oregon who we crossed paths with, because we were learning to have Joy despite our circumstances and that could have come off as….major mood swings. Are they happy or are they frustrated? I just don’t know, I’m confused. Me too.

Essentially we just couldn’t fix Joy while it was raining and it was always raining. So she had to wait, and we had to pray!

It was a true lesson (which I guess we signed up for) of not having circumstantial joy, but strong steadfast joy. We weren’t always good at it. It’s easy to let problems distract you from what’s beautiful and right in front of you. In those moments we tried our best to remind ourselves what we are thankful for. We were in gorgeous places like the Redwoods and Yosemite and we wanted to 100% enjoy them.

Staying at my dads was going to be a recouping and fixing 2 week stay. We were hoping to make some money to extend the length of JOYWARD. Between a combination of things like: fixing Joy, getting sick, doing taxes, getting a fat nose (ask me later), Easter, and loving not having to Melatonin Malibu every night, we ended up staying four weeks long (we head out tomorrow), and we’re so thankful we did.

During the second week of being here, sadly and shockingly, one of my best friends, Shaina, her dad Johnny, died of a heart attack. Their family is like family to me, and we’ve been apart of each other lives for 23 years. As a kid, Johnny used to sing Shaina and I silly songs on his guitar, he lead our youth group for a little bit, he DJ’d Kyle and I’s wedding, and he would call me Cecilina (pronounced C-sul-ee-nuh). His memorial was last Saturday and because of the timing of Joyward we were able to be there. We will miss you Johnny.

If you looked at our past Itinerary blog post, you’re familiar with our original plan of going all the way up to Maine. Due to some misinformation on taxes, our budget had to get cut therefore so did the duration of the trip. We’re trusting in the Lord’s timing and incredibly thankful that we even get to do this trip. Unless something major happens financially, we will be going up to DC instead of Maine.

The second half of Joyward starts tomorrow! What will it hold, what will we face? We know that there will be more sunshine, that’s for sure! We are believing that spiritually, emotionally and physically, the second half will be even better than the first. Full of great weather, a strong trailer, laughter, healing, and good shared memories. We’ve been able to reflect a lot while being in one place for 4 weeks, therefore we’ve learned a lot. Now, we can change, tweak, and adjust our outlook, our actions, and our attitudes and keep moving Joyward.


Where we’ve been (Sadly we did not get photos with every person we hung out with):

Portland, OR: We stayed with the Moyers, but we unfortunately did not get a picture with them. We did hang out with Molly Rich, and Gracie and Nick, while in town, and got that captured! Molly went to Life Pacific College, and Gracie and Nick are high school friends from Simi Valley! In Portland we had amazing Thai, visited Burnside Skatepark, and visited some coffeeshops.


Multnomah Falls, OR: The steepest mile hike of my life. It was so worth it though. The parking lot and people bellow looked like microscopic ants!

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Seaside, OR:


Lebanon, OR: We stayed with one of my best friends Rebecca an her husband Josh. We were there for about 5 nights, and this is where we emptied the trailer out to dry. We also watched 4 Harry Potter movies at there house….Kyle and I had not seen of the HP movies. They’re good, not a “love”  but I’m definitely going to fishish the series.

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Bend, OR: This was a day trip where we hung out with our friend Jake Moyer, Ali, and Jack from LOST. Jake was an IGNITE with us, then him and I continued at Life Pacific and lived in Israel together with the study abroad team. Ali went to Life Pacific as well, and Jack well we go way back. So, we were sitting at a breakfast place with Ali, and she was giving us the scoop on Bend and the culture there. It’s a prime skiing vacation spot. There are a handful of celebs that own houses there and she has seen them around town. One of those celebs was Jack from LOST. She saw him at the movie theater almost a year ago. Then no joke, doubt 5 minuets later JACK WALKS IN! Jack are you LOST? No, I didn’t approach him or ask him that but we made a solid 15 second eye contact, ask Kyle, it was real. I regret not getting a picture with Jack and Jake! We did get one with Ali and her adorable little girl!



Timberline, OR: Shredded some snow on Mt. Hood! Dream come true!

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Grantspass, OR: Grantspass was a quick, maybe not even 24 hour stop. We stayed with my sister Dayna, who I hadn’t seen in years! I got to meet two of my great nieces, and see a couple of my nieces.

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Trinidad, CA: Super cute coastal town, that was near the Redwoods.

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Redwoods, CA:

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Fern Canyon, CA: Stunning canyon that we walked through for a little bit that was just full of plants!

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San Fran, CA: This was such a good day! We paid for all day parking and just walked around! The weather was perfect, I think it was the first time on JOYWARD that we didn’t need a jacket!

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Yosemite, CA: We did some thrilling hiking to the top of a waterfall, and it was raining for part of it. We camped at Upper Pines Campground, and were there for three nights.

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Simi Valley, CA: Home sweet home. It was really great to be at my dads, to have a couch, consistent showers, and laundry whenever we felt like it! Shout out to all the Simi peeps (and surrounding areas) we enjoyed our time with you immensely!


Where we’re headed:

Tomorrow we are heading to Joshua Tree National Park!


We’ve had a great time hanging out with friends and family while being in Simi Valley, it’s been totally refreshing! Thank you to those who have had us over for dinner, tea, wine or who have taken us out, it’s been such a treat!


Moving Joyward,

Kyle, Ceci, Malibu, and Tully