Update #4


We didn’t win the lottery you guys. Well, we didn’t exactly try either. We really really thought about it but it was coffee or a lottery ticket. The bottom line is, as of now, Joyward is sadly wrapping up in about three weeks. Last time we wrote an update we were heading to Joshua Tree National Park. Now, what feels like a hundred bug bites later, we write to you from West Palm Beach, Florida!

Kyle, how do you feel about Joyward wrapping up?

“In one word: Bummed. In more than one word: Our original plan for 4 months seemed like a long time at first and I was worried that we may be biting off more than we could chew. Now I feel like I could do 4 more (at least). Don’t get me wrong, the trip has been full of it’s struggles and road blocks, but it seems like we’ve really just hit our stride and we’re just getting started. Then again, that’s exactly what I do feel like. The trip may be ending…but we’re just getting started.

Ceci, are you ready to park the trailer for awhile?

“N-O. Like Kyle said I feel like it’s just beginning. Maybe that’s due to the weather being nicer to us, our communication (specifically direction) skills growing, set up and tear down getting more familiar, or array of culture within the U.S. that opens our eyes and inspires us. But man, I’m so so thankful for this time. It doesn’t feel real that it’s been 4 ½ months of living in a 12’ trailer with another human and two cats. I’m extremely sad that it’s wrapping up in three weeks, but I’m trusting the Lord’s timing for the things that are ahead, the things we can’t see.”

It’s getting sentimental my friends. Hey, it’s hard to say goodbye to something that was so sweet. At least it was so sweet.

The past three weeks have been jammed packed because we are trying to see as much as possible in our small window of time that’s left. So lots of nature, hiking, people, coffee, driving, and praise the Lord….sunshine! Did we mention that Malibu has been in a cone pretty much the whole time since we left Simi Valley? Yeah, poor guy. We just took it off him and he’s doing great!

Where we’ve been:

Joshua Tree National Park, CA. We stayed here for 3 nights.  We did some hiking (including a sunrise hike), experienced some rain, a local coffee roaster, and awesome cactus.


Phoenix, AZ. We stayed at a suburb RV park for three nights, and apparently talk of the park was how much everyone liked our door, haha. We were able to see my older brother Russ and his wife Sandy, and son Zach. We went to a local farm and picked our own vegetables which we loved. We also got to see some very old time friends, the Kloppenburgs. Featured in the photos are Randi, Cody, and his wife Emily. My mom and I use to live with them way back in the day. We’re talking my diaper days. It had been about 16 years since I last saw them!


Austin, TX. We stayed in here for 3 nights at a beautiful campground right outside the city. Austin maybe had the best Indian food I’ve ever experienced, tons of colorful murals, and a lot of pretty parks.


New Orleans, LA. We stayed here for three nights at an RV park right outside the city. We experienced the French district at night and during the day. It’s pretty creepy in the dark. We went to the Garden District, ate some beignets, looked at some old beautiful houses, and walked around some neighborhoods.

CCF_3284 (1 of 1)

Fort Myers, FL. We stayed five nights here with our Florida family! Kai is my 10 year old little brother. While visiting we went kayaking, did some drawing, played games, watched movies, and went swimming! They have an urban farm, the coolest. They have dogs, cats, a goat, ducks, chickens, and a bunny. Featured in the photos is Andrew (Danette’s husband), Danette (Kai’s mom), and Kai. It’s always SO hard leaving them, I’m so thankful for them in our lives!


CCF_3358 (1 of 1).jpg

West Palm Beach, FL. We stayed here for two nights with the Greens! They are some friends of the Frost family and are from Oklahoma. They have been living the Florida life for 6 years now. They are such a fun and sporty family. Any family that feeds us cookie dough and Thai food is a hit with us.

CCF_3411 (1 of 1).jpg

Where we are headed:

We are headed to Georgia! We have a lot of stops for the next three weeks and my birthday. Big 26! We will be spending my day of birth in DC, and I’ve never been there before so I’m stoked!

Moving Joyward,

Kyle and Ceci, Malibu and Tully