The Trip

Olympic National Park, the dreamiest time of your life

When: In the beginning of February we were camping at Olympic National Park

Location: Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. 

Vibe: This place felt like you were on set of Narnia mixed with Twilight. The cool feeling, endless ferns, large trees, and waterfalls felt totally dreamy.

Stayed: We stayed at Elwha Dam R.V. Park, just outside the national park. Most of the camping there was closed because it was off season. We loved this campground and it’s location because the outdoor things we wanted to explore were close, as well as the little town, Port Angeles.


-La push

   This is where the wolves from Twilight resode. And it definitely felt like it. It is a cold, windy, and dreary beach town. The beach was covered with drift wood, all different shapes and sizes. 


   The home town, the scene, and the stage for Twilight. It actually wasn’t filmed here, it was filmed in Oregon. Apparently, Washington makes their film taxes ridiculously high so that people don’t film in that state. But, the town is proud to represent the books and movies. There were so many Twilight references throughout the town from Twilight firewood to Bella Café. The town it’s self wasn’t adorable, but the outskirts of it had some beautiful country charm. 

-Port Angeles 

  This adorable port town had a lot to offer. They had a Main Street full of shops and food. The houses in this town…just adorable. Most of them had front porches, lots of color, thick trim, and old charm. This is not your sunny kind of beach town. This is a chilly, far from a big city kind of beach town. One of the biggest business in the town is a paper factory. It makes sense when you see that it’s a logging community. 

Some things we did: 

Food: Next DoorGastro Pub, this place is in their adorable downtown area. We ate there for Kyle’s birthday. I had fish tacos and they were perfect. 

Thrifting: Goodwill, we went to goodwill for some jackets! Because it’s the PNW they had plenty to offer. 

-Hoh Rainforest: 

This is a must! Step into a storybook when you visit this vibrant green rainforest. 
-Cape Flattery:
Stand at the edge of the USA and see Canada! We visit Cape Flattery right at sunset, in the continues rain. It’s about a two mile walk round trip through a rainforest. With waves crashing into the large cliffs, you’re quickly reminded how powerful water is and how small you are. 


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La Push

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