Update #5

Wow. We are in our last week of Joyward, and we’ll get all sentimental on you later, but for now, wow…(we may have shed some tears today). Beautiful chapters are hard to close.

Last time we update you guys we were enjoy the sunshine in West Palm Beach, FL! Currently we’re sitting at one of Nashville’s most visited coffee shops, Barista Parlor, and enjoying some delicious, smooth coffee. We feel the eagerness to fully embrace each stop, as it’s coming closer to the end. Therefore we’ve been going full throttle so the past two weeks have felt like a blur, a very fun blur.

Savannah, GA: We spent a whole five hours in this beautiful city but we made the most of those hours. We spent the first couple hours at Foxy Loxy Café doing some planning then we went out and explored! We took advantage of the free bus to Historic Downtown Savannah and spent the rest of our time walking around the stunning streets.

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Wrightsville, GA: Long story short, Kyle and I met my older half brother Josh, his wife Brandi and their two girls Brylie and Abbie!  It was a wonderful couple days with them, and an amazing experience. We also got to go strawberry picking with them! Now, we have family in Georgia! We love them!

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Wilksboro, NC: We visited the Lacey’s, long time friends of mine from Simi Valley. They live in a beautiful mountain town and have a little farm. They have four mini ponies, chickens, dogs, and a garden! They sent us away with homemade bread, wine, beer, ghee, eggs, and homemade apple butter! While we were in town there was a huge bluegrass festival going on called Merlefest, the Lacey’s bought us tickets and we totally enjoyed ourselves!


Washington DC: We have been looking forward to this stop since day 1 and it did not disappoint. Four days is nowhere near enough time to see everything but we did our best! Kyle’s sister, Kristen, lives in DC and was so incredibly hospitable and was an awesome tour guide as well! Ceci’s birthday, May 7th, was also Embassy Day where the foreign embassies open their doors to the public to experience their culture. We saw the world in a day! Our days here were packed full of walking and biking. We left exhausted but feeling patriotic and better educated about our nation.

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Nasvhille, TN: Our first night in Nashville, I signed us up for an open-mic-night at Douglas Corner. Kyle was reluctant but we both loved the experience. There is so much to see and do (and eat) in Nashville. We also saw our Tulsa friend Daniel Jones and grabbed dinner with him! We will have to come back just to try all the restaurants and coffee shops we couldn’t get to on this trip!


What’s next:

We’d like to know, just as much as you, haha. Currently: Big Cabin, OK. Yes, that’s right. Back to where we started. We have some of our belongings at the Frost parents house. We will hang out with family and friends and then….to be continued…you’ll have to check out our next wrap up blog post to find out where we will be calling home.


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