The Trip


When: February 5th-10th

Location: Seattle, WA

Vibe: When tackling Seattle, be prepared to have a hard time choosing. There are just so many quality options, which is fun, but it’s so hard to decide! The city is huge, with many different districts that offer their own quirks and styles. Always have a rain jacket handy, and walking shoes. Most people use public transportation to get around so I’d recommend looking into that. There’s plenty to do in the city as well as the outdoors! One of the things I love about Seattle is that it is Vegetarian friendly!

Tips: Carry Cash, use public transportation, always carry a rain jacket, always wear comfy shoes, eat a lot, and drink a lot of coffee.

Stayed: Trailer Inns RV Park, Bellevue WA. If you’re traveling with a trailer it’s tricky finding a decent priced place to camp, as well as avoiding Seattle traffic. This was a great location, only about 30 minuets from Seattle. If you’re going to this RV Park, you’re not going for the nature or beauty. It’s a parking lot, very basic.



  1. Freemont:
    1. Activities:
      1. The Troll, just a weird quirky cement art piece under a bridge. The troll is holding a real VW bug.
      2. Stoll around the cute streets enjoying the brick buildings and architecture.
    2. Food & Drink:
      1. The Flying Apron, this was a mind blowing Vegan Bakery. If you’re not Vegan, you should still go: it’s cute, has yummy drinks, and delicious pastries. We ordered cupcakes and coffee!
  1. Queen Anne:
    1. Activities:
      1. Kerry Park, great classic view of downtown Seattle, this park is a must expect to park near the houses and walk to the park.
      2. Meredith Grey’s House
      3. Queen Anne Book Company
  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Caffe Fiore, Organic coffee, lots of seating, friendly staff, dark colors.
    2. Trader Joes, if you want to make your meal or grab some inexpensive snacks

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  1. Capitol Hill: Get your walking shoes, the possibilities are endless in this district.
    1. Activities:
      1. Volunteer Park, wide-open park full of people walking their dogs. This would be a nice place to have a picnic, people watch, or go for a jog. This park has a great view of the Space Needle.
      2. Volunteer Park Conservatory, Free admission for all first Thursday and Saturday of each month.
      3. Asian Art Museum
      4. Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room
  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, amazing honey lavender Ice cream.

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  1. Ballard: This town has a lot of Scandinavian touches to it.
    1. Activities:
      1. Ballard Locks, where you can watch ships transfer from Puget Sound into the canal, and then letting them into Lake Washington. It’s a very cool, and slow process to watch!
      2. Discovery Park, this was a beautiful hike that leads to the beach and a lighthouse. You can’t go into the lighthouse, but it makes for great photos. There are a variety of levels to the hikes, so you can pick your commitment!
    2. Food & Drinks:
      1. Bastille, We ate brunch here and it was one of my favorite spots we had discovered in Seattle. Delicious, unique restored building, and a great street to walk around after your meal.
    3. Downtown:
      1. Activities:
        1. Pike Place Market: Obviously a great farmers market filled with delicious smells, specialty foods, art, books, and random knick knacks. Walk around and buy some flowers and food!
        2. Walk around downtown and shop!
        3. Visit the original Starbucks, be prepared for long lines. I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything but it’s cool to snap a picture of the outside!
  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Cinnamon Works, Vegan Bakery with huge and inexpensive cinnamon rolls. This is located in Pike Place Market.
    2. Monorail, don’t miss this place while shopping downtown. It doesn’t have seating, it’s a mix between a store front and a kiosk. Cash only.
    3. Elm Coffee Roasters, quality coffee pastries provided by a local bakery.
    4. Jacks Fish Spot, the best garlic fish and chips for very inexpensive!

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  1. Broadway:
    1. Food and Drink:
      1. Roy Street Coffee and Tea, this space is in my top two coffee shops in Seattle. It is HUGE, so finding a place to sit wont be hard. It’s also in the an adorable neighborhood, on a corner lot. The vibe at night is elegant, hang out, and studying.


Enjoy your time in Seattle and share the tips!