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10 Hours in San Fran


When: Beginning of March, 2016

Location: San Francisco, CA

Vibe: San Francisco is the most colorful city to me. All the colors of the rainbow are located on the houses of San Fran. When you walk around SF, it feels busy. There were so many people going everywhere which way, tourists and local. Some parts of SF felt more artsy, and some parts felt more business-esk. When we visited SF we had only one day to explore, so we had to make it full and do as much as possible. I planned out everything so we wouldn’t waste time! If you’re doing a day trip with a car we totally recommend parking at Fort Mason Center. They have what we’ve found the cheapest all day parking. Then you don’t have to worry about going over time, and getting a ticket! Wear amazing walking shoes, and bring a backpack full of snacks. There are so many options of transportation in the city that you don’t need to worry at all about how to get around. You could take a bus, trolley, your feet, or a bike! We honestly didn’t eat out a whole lot, so most of these tips are location suggestions.

Tips: Carry Cash in case you want to buy something from China town, or take public transportation.


  1. Chinatown:
    1. Activities:
      1. Endless walking and people watching!
      2. Don’t hang out near the playground where older Asian women are gambling. You may get held at by a homeless person and then called Brittany Spears…just saying.
    2. Food & Drink:
      1. I can’t remember where we ate, but there are so many options to choose from! We took forever to make a decision, and we judged by the menus taped in the windows. Because we like menus with pictures, haha.

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2. Alamo Square Park

  1. Activities:
    1. The Painted Ladies, sit at the park and stare and the famous, adorable, and colorful houses! This park was full of life, people playing games, throwing Frisbee, painting, and eating!
    2. Full House, 1709 Broderick Street, be prepared, it doesn’t look like the TV Full House because they

CCF_2160 (35 of 36)CCF_2154 (34 of 36)3. Golden Gate Park:

  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Hollow Coffee Shop, the cutest and smalles coffee shop you’ve ever seen. I discovered it on Pinterest and then put it on my SF bucket list! I didn’t actually get to order anything from Hollow because I arrived 2 min after closing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.37.17 PM

4. Fisherman’s Warf:

  1. Activities:
    1. Walk around!
    2. There are plenty of rental options on Fisherman’s Warf for bikes and Segway’s.
  • Shop the different boutiques.
  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, stop by for free samples, a yummy drink or, duh chocolate!
    2. Biscoff Coffee Corner, we love cookie butter and cookie butter is made of Biscoff. So we ordered and iced Biscoff lattee…it was not the best. Maybe it would be better warm!
  • Boudin Café, stop here and get some fresh bread or sweet treats!

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5. The Golden Gate Bridge:

  1. Activities:
    1. For a classic Full House view of the bridge go to: Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point (parking is horrid, but it’s such a good view!) There is a short walk involved.
    2. For an up close and personal view go to: Fort Point.


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6. The beach:

  1. Activities:
    1. End your day with a sunset right off of Great Hwy, west of district Outer Sunset


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