The Trip

New in New Orleans

When: April 2016

Location: New Orleans, GA

Vibe: There are many interesting pockets to New Orleans from the French Quarter to the Garden District. During the day the French Quarter feels fun, classy, and entertaining. At night it feels like “Pirates of the Caribbean” mixed with Vegas. I say that because we saw pirates at night while walking the crowded streets in the Quarter. The Garden District is a neighborhood that was created for Americans in the 1830’s. It’s very Victorian, and elegant. You feel rich and in another century just walking down the Garden District streets. There’s also a cemetery that surprisingly resides it the neighborhood among the Victorian class. From my understanding the Garden District has essentially become the Beverly Hills of New Orleans because more and more celebrities are buying houses there.

Tips: Parking is expensive if you are going to the French quarter, but there’s not a way around it unless you get dropped off. Expect rowdy crowds at night.

Stayed: Jude Travel Park Of New Orleans, includes Wi-Fi, pool, and Jacuzzi.  


  1. The French Quarter
    1. This neighborhood in New Orleans is an educational and cultural experience that I prefer to do during the day. The houses and buildings are bright and colorful with obviously a French style. There is entertainment at every turn. You’ll come across local musicians, school bands, dancers, spoken word, or clowns.
    2. Food and drink:
      1. Check out Café Du Monde for their delicious and famous pastries! Heads up, its cash only and crowded but I think everyone should try it at least once.
      2. Café Beignet, this is an adorable and picture perfect café serving coffee and pastries. Honestly, to me it’s just as good as Café Du Monde and the service is faster! There are two locations.
  • Envie Espresso Bar & Café, for a less traditional French scene, check out this shop! I didn’t care for the appetizer plate we got, but the coffee was good.








  1. Monkey Monkey Coffee and Tea
    1. Monkey Monkey is a colorful and bright coffee shop. We stopped here for some wi-fi and discovered that they have a delicious frozen coffee drink!
  2. Garden District:
    1. This is a delightful neighborhood to walk around and take pictures! Depending on the season the flowers and leaves are beautiful! There’s a small street with some shops and restaurants that you can stroll as well.
    2. Commanders Palace, we didn’t go in this bright blue restaurant but I’ve heard they are known for jazz and Creole. They’ve been around since 1880!
    3. Lafayette Cemetery, a 19th century above ground cemetery. Give yourself an interesting tour with this guide:




  1. Magazine Street
    1. Beside the fun and colorful buildings in the French quarter, I maybe enjoyed this street more. It’s about 6 miles of shops, food, and beautiful architecture. It varies from cottage homes to roman columns, and colorful doors. You could kill a lot of time here, we just strolled the street for free smells.