The Trip

4 1/2 months in 11 minutes

Words cannot describe what happened in 4 1/2 months of life on the road, traveling across America in the middle winter, oh and with 2 cats.

While I (Ceci) was editing this video I wished I had filmed more, but I’m so thankful for what we did capture. It only represents the tip of the iceberg of our trip. We didn’t film us getting lost, or arguing over directions, or the glamorous life of not having a bathroom near by. So please, know that this was a beautiful time in our marriage and lives and if you are thinking of doing the same in some form of way, I totally encourage it, but…it will have low points too, some major ones possibly (if you choose to live in a vintage trailer).

I thought living small and unplanned would be pretty carefree. But the dream, had stresses of its own. We still had some bills to keep up on, and unpredictable tire problems, and weather that damaged the trailer. Taking a big adventure and leaving everything behind, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving EVERYTHING behind, because as my mom once told me “You’re taking yourself with you.”

This life decision will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you are considering making the leap and changing up your daily routine with a long or short trip of your own. I don’t know your life situation right now, but I’d highly recommend first: asking your self why and what do you desire to get out of it? Then I would say if you’re motives are healthy go for it! There is so much to learn from just life experiences, cities, people, culture, and the road. Some things people can’t teach  you, and that’s when you learn from the God given surroundings around you.

Enjoy the film! Tell us what you think, and if you have questions, ask away!

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