Joyward is a 4 month road trip around the U.S. that the Frost’s (Kyle & Ceci) will be embarking on January 3rd, 2016 in their vintage trailer. Kyle and Ceci are passionate about having a healthy and joy filled marriage, and being honest about the ugly parts of saying “I Do”. As they are adventuring through their third year of marriage they believe that there is no better time then the present to give their commitment the intentional time it needs.

The Frost’s believe that even though it is bold and scary to jump into the unknown, quit their jobs, sell majority of their belongings and live in their renovated ’69 Shasta, it would be even scarier to live not giving their marital foundation its all. Giving your all looks different for everyone, and a road trip around the country (with their two cats) is what they have in mind.

Since camping is some of their favorite childhood memories they’ve had the idea to do a long road trip together since they were engaged. At the time it wasn’t very clear when or what it would look like….

“Our first two years of marriage were really a struggle. We struggled weekly with being on the same page, communication, and liking/embracing each others differences. It was hard as a fresh newlywed, during our struggles, to scroll through social media seeing other newlyweds having what looked like a perfect time, a perfect honeymoon phase. It made me think ¬†and question what’s wrong with me, with us? I think it’s easier to talk about the good, and it’s easy to compare. The truth is the honeymoon phase happens at different times for some, and there is no perfect couple no matter how beautiful they look. It is all hard, intentional work. Community and counseling were and are lifeguards for us.

Right now we are focused on recreating our “mental map,” the ideas we have in our head about marriage and each other. Acknowledging the wrong, and then writing over it. I think by hitting the road for 4 months, just enjoying each town and national park we come across, the tons of time we’ll have together, and time with our creator will be really powerful and healing.”