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4 1/2 months in 11 minutes

Words cannot describe what happened in 4 1/2 months of life on the road, traveling across America in the middle winter, oh and with 2 cats.

While I (Ceci) was editing this video I wished I had filmed more, but I’m so thankful for what we did capture. It only represents the tip of the iceberg of our trip. We didn’t film us getting lost, or arguing over directions, or the glamorous life of not having a bathroom near by. So please, know that this was a beautiful time in our marriage and lives and if you are thinking of doing the same in some form of way, I totally encourage it, but…it will have low points too, some major ones possibly (if you choose to live in a vintage trailer).

I thought living small and unplanned would be pretty carefree. But the dream, had stresses of its own. We still had some bills to keep up on, and unpredictable tire problems, and weather that damaged the trailer. Taking a big adventure and leaving everything behind, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving EVERYTHING behind, because as my mom once told me “You’re taking yourself with you.”

This life decision will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you are considering making the leap and changing up your daily routine with a long or short trip of your own. I don’t know your life situation right now, but I’d highly recommend first: asking your self why and what do you desire to get out of it? Then I would say if you’re motives are healthy go for it! There is so much to learn from just life experiences, cities, people, culture, and the road. Some things people can’t teach  you, and that’s when you learn from the God given surroundings around you.

Enjoy the film! Tell us what you think, and if you have questions, ask away!

<p><a href=”″>Joyward</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Ceci Frost</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


You, Me and DC

Last post post from our trip! We were in DC over my 26th birthday, which is May 7th! We visited Kyle’s sister who lives there and was an outstanding tour guide!

Transportation tips: Rent bikes and use the bus, parking is so hard and it’s a crowded city!

Places to visit:

  • Ted’s
    • this place has delicious homemade pop-tarts and they play b&w movies on one of their walls. It’s super classy and fun! Go for breakfast!
  • Georgetown:
  • Renwick Gallery
  • All the Museums, my personal favorite the Air and Space Museum
  • Eastern Market

Thanks to Kristen for showing us all these fun places!



Georgia on My Mind


I had heard that Savannah Georgia was cute as a button, but I didn’t know how adorable a city could be. This city is full of southern charm, Spanish moss, brick roads, patriotic vibes, and rich in history. Did I mention Spanish moss, because there was a ton of it! Being from SoCal, the only Spanish moss I have ever seen was in Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Sad?

We spent about 5 hours in Savannah, but we put it on our list of “come backs.”  Therefore I have three recommendations:

  1. Go!
  2. Try and rent a bed and breakfast on Jones street
  3. Sip some coffee at Foxy Loxy Café, located in an old two-story house!



New in New Orleans

When: April 2016

Location: New Orleans, GA

Vibe: There are many interesting pockets to New Orleans from the French Quarter to the Garden District. During the day the French Quarter feels fun, classy, and entertaining. At night it feels like “Pirates of the Caribbean” mixed with Vegas. I say that because we saw pirates at night while walking the crowded streets in the Quarter. The Garden District is a neighborhood that was created for Americans in the 1830’s. It’s very Victorian, and elegant. You feel rich and in another century just walking down the Garden District streets. There’s also a cemetery that surprisingly resides it the neighborhood among the Victorian class. From my understanding the Garden District has essentially become the Beverly Hills of New Orleans because more and more celebrities are buying houses there.

Tips: Parking is expensive if you are going to the French quarter, but there’s not a way around it unless you get dropped off. Expect rowdy crowds at night.

Stayed: Jude Travel Park Of New Orleans, includes Wi-Fi, pool, and Jacuzzi.  


  1. The French Quarter
    1. This neighborhood in New Orleans is an educational and cultural experience that I prefer to do during the day. The houses and buildings are bright and colorful with obviously a French style. There is entertainment at every turn. You’ll come across local musicians, school bands, dancers, spoken word, or clowns.
    2. Food and drink:
      1. Check out Café Du Monde for their delicious and famous pastries! Heads up, its cash only and crowded but I think everyone should try it at least once.
      2. Café Beignet, this is an adorable and picture perfect café serving coffee and pastries. Honestly, to me it’s just as good as Café Du Monde and the service is faster! There are two locations.
  • Envie Espresso Bar & Café, for a less traditional French scene, check out this shop! I didn’t care for the appetizer plate we got, but the coffee was good.








  1. Monkey Monkey Coffee and Tea
    1. Monkey Monkey is a colorful and bright coffee shop. We stopped here for some wi-fi and discovered that they have a delicious frozen coffee drink!
  2. Garden District:
    1. This is a delightful neighborhood to walk around and take pictures! Depending on the season the flowers and leaves are beautiful! There’s a small street with some shops and restaurants that you can stroll as well.
    2. Commanders Palace, we didn’t go in this bright blue restaurant but I’ve heard they are known for jazz and Creole. They’ve been around since 1880!
    3. Lafayette Cemetery, a 19th century above ground cemetery. Give yourself an interesting tour with this guide:




  1. Magazine Street
    1. Beside the fun and colorful buildings in the French quarter, I maybe enjoyed this street more. It’s about 6 miles of shops, food, and beautiful architecture. It varies from cottage homes to roman columns, and colorful doors. You could kill a lot of time here, we just strolled the street for free smells.




Joshua Tree, the Desert Oasis

When: End of April, 2016

Location: Joshua Tree, CA

Vibe: Desert Heaven. Joshua Tree National Park has endless hiking and rock climbing opportunities.

Tips: If you’re camping during peak season, reserve your camping way in advanced!

Stayed: Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground because the park had no available RV camping.


  1. Joshua Tree Coffee Company:
    1. Super nice people and delicious nitro coffee!
  2. Ryan Mountain:
    1. Activities:
      1. This is the hike we did at sunrise! The end of the hike leads to a view of Coachella Valley.
    2. Camp Rock at Joshua Tree
      1. This is a campground, and if you can get a spot here its beautiful! Full of huge rocks to climb anytime you want!

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Yosemite in the Spring

When: Middle of March, 2016

Location: Yosemite, CA

Vibe: There is not much to say about Yosemite because if you’ve heard of it you know that it’s stunning. We were there while winter was ending and spring was around the corner. Because it was off-season while we were camping there, the whole park was not open. There were still come beautiful hiking paths, full waterfalls, wildlife, sunshine, and rain! I would recommend the beginning of April so that all the park is open, and still not too many people.

Tips: Be aware that titles have changed on locations in the park, free showers in curry village near the tents, and anything in the grocery store is over priced.


  1. Glacier Point
    1. Beautiful view of the valley and a great place to take night photos.
  2. The Majestic Hotel
    1. Beautiful place to walk around and if you’re feeling fancy you can dine there!
  3. Upper Yosemite Fall and Vernal Falls
    1. A stunning hike that gets you up close and personal with a waterfall. Stand at the top of it after you conquer the strenuous hike!
  4. Yosemite Falls
    1. Easy walk to two waterfalls!
  5. Mirror Lake
    1. Careful that you stay on track or you could get lost in the woods for awhile!


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10 Hours in San Fran


When: Beginning of March, 2016

Location: San Francisco, CA

Vibe: San Francisco is the most colorful city to me. All the colors of the rainbow are located on the houses of San Fran. When you walk around SF, it feels busy. There were so many people going everywhere which way, tourists and local. Some parts of SF felt more artsy, and some parts felt more business-esk. When we visited SF we had only one day to explore, so we had to make it full and do as much as possible. I planned out everything so we wouldn’t waste time! If you’re doing a day trip with a car we totally recommend parking at Fort Mason Center. They have what we’ve found the cheapest all day parking. Then you don’t have to worry about going over time, and getting a ticket! Wear amazing walking shoes, and bring a backpack full of snacks. There are so many options of transportation in the city that you don’t need to worry at all about how to get around. You could take a bus, trolley, your feet, or a bike! We honestly didn’t eat out a whole lot, so most of these tips are location suggestions.

Tips: Carry Cash in case you want to buy something from China town, or take public transportation.


  1. Chinatown:
    1. Activities:
      1. Endless walking and people watching!
      2. Don’t hang out near the playground where older Asian women are gambling. You may get held at by a homeless person and then called Brittany Spears…just saying.
    2. Food & Drink:
      1. I can’t remember where we ate, but there are so many options to choose from! We took forever to make a decision, and we judged by the menus taped in the windows. Because we like menus with pictures, haha.

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2. Alamo Square Park

  1. Activities:
    1. The Painted Ladies, sit at the park and stare and the famous, adorable, and colorful houses! This park was full of life, people playing games, throwing Frisbee, painting, and eating!
    2. Full House, 1709 Broderick Street, be prepared, it doesn’t look like the TV Full House because they

CCF_2160 (35 of 36)CCF_2154 (34 of 36)3. Golden Gate Park:

  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Hollow Coffee Shop, the cutest and smalles coffee shop you’ve ever seen. I discovered it on Pinterest and then put it on my SF bucket list! I didn’t actually get to order anything from Hollow because I arrived 2 min after closing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.37.17 PM

4. Fisherman’s Warf:

  1. Activities:
    1. Walk around!
    2. There are plenty of rental options on Fisherman’s Warf for bikes and Segway’s.
  • Shop the different boutiques.
  1. Food & Drinks:
    1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, stop by for free samples, a yummy drink or, duh chocolate!
    2. Biscoff Coffee Corner, we love cookie butter and cookie butter is made of Biscoff. So we ordered and iced Biscoff lattee…it was not the best. Maybe it would be better warm!
  • Boudin Café, stop here and get some fresh bread or sweet treats!

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5. The Golden Gate Bridge:

  1. Activities:
    1. For a classic Full House view of the bridge go to: Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point (parking is horrid, but it’s such a good view!) There is a short walk involved.
    2. For an up close and personal view go to: Fort Point.


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6. The beach:

  1. Activities:
    1. End your day with a sunset right off of Great Hwy, west of district Outer Sunset


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