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Redwood Forest+Fern Canyon

When: February 26th-28th 2016 Location: Redwood National Forest, CA Vibe: This forest and surrounding area makes you feel like you are in a fairytale book. The trees are so gigantic, it’s hard to comprehend as you try and wrap your arms around their trunks. You could get lost and loose time staring at all the refreshing greenery. Tips: Always have on hand a light rain jacket. Plan on doing a lot of hiking and driving, because there is a lot of forest to explore! Stayed: Sounds of the Sea RV Park in Trinidad. Visited: Trinidad Drive around and look at the cute beach houses Food: The Light House Grill Ordered: Fish & Chips (SO GOOD!) Avenue of the Giants 31 miles on the old highway 101, surrounded by beautiful redwoods! Drive and listen to sweet tunes! Fern Canyon Located in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park You can walk as much as you desire down the canyon amongst hundreds of ferns. I’d recommend wearing water shoes and shorts.         Advertisements